Depending on the desire of the participants, athletes could perform their routines 1-3 times at nearby competitions this season.

Competitions include: 

UWEC Fire up - Jan

UWSP Showtime - Jan

WOW Factor Minneapolis - Feb



Registration for next season's team will be available soon!





More volunteers our needed to help with our All Abilities program. Let us know if you are interested by filling out our volunteer form and email to


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EXA Sports All Abilities Team

All Abilities Cheer Team


All Abilities

This program is designed for people of all abilities.  We want to make sure that we include all those interested and provide them with an amazing and memorable experience.


Practices will be held on Sunday afternoons from 1:30-2:30pm.


It is our plan to have 1 EXA Angel (volunteer) assigned to each athlete for the duration of the season.


This is EXA Sports inclusive program for adults and children of all abilities.  Participants will practice 1 time a week. Alternating between the EXA Menomonie and Eau Claire locations and perform a 2:30 cheerleading routine 1-3 times a season at nearby cheerleading competitions.



This is a free program for participants excluding the cost of uniforms (will be decided by those who chose to participate) and any travel needed to and from competitions.



There are several options for uniforms for these athletes.  Those who chose to participate will get a day in the uniform decision. 

Options include:

T shirts and shorts = $25-$35

GK tank and Shorts/Capris = $65

Uniform specially designed for all abilities team members = $150