Competitive All Star Cheerleading

All Star cheerleading is a competitive team not associated with a school but rather with a gym such as EXA Sports in Eau Claire.  Teams prepare year round for several different competitions and appearances.


Tryouts are held each May.

What Makes EXA Unique?

  • EVERYONE makes a team each season

  • We provide a competitive experience without the all star price

  • No experience needed.  We train athletes to be the best they can be! 

Team Divisions (teams are divided according to age & skill)
Tiny Prep                     3-6 years

Mini & Mini Prep:      5-8 years
Youth & Youth Prep   5-11 years
Junior & Junior Prep  6-15 years
Senior & Senior Prep  12-18 years

Tiny Teams

This team does not travel to competitions but rather performs locally a various events and at hosted competitions.  We offer 2 seasons for this team - Fall (Sept-Jan) and Spring (Feb-May) as well as summer classes.   

  • Boys and Girls ages 3-6

  • No experience needed

  • Fall Season - Sept - December

  • Spring Season - January - May

  • Practices 1 day/week

  • 1-3 local performances/season

Prep Teams

These teams will practice once a week and compete at 1-4 events total with one travel event.  This program boasts all the benefits of a competitive team sport at a lower cost and commitment level. The teams in this program will not be attending Summit or other post season events.

Additional details:

  • Boys and Girls ages 5 and up

  • No Experience Needed!

  • Practices 1-2 days/week 

  • 1-4 Competitions/Season

  • Limited Travel

  • Strongly encouraged to participate in spring/summer/fall classes/teams.


Elite Teams

These teams will practice 2-3 times a week and compete at 4-7 events with 2 travel event.  The teams in this program will be a team that will attend Summit/Worlds if bids are received or another post season event.  

  • Boys and Girls ages 5 and up

  • Practices 2-3 days/week

  • Back Handspring Required

  • 4-7 Competitions/Season

  • Travels Nationally

  • Must enroll in spring & summer classes/teams