Competitive Gymnastics Team

At Exceptional Athletics, our Gymnastics program in Eau Claire is different than many other gymnastic centers.  We are NOT an invitation-only team.  There are no try-outs.  We give each and every child an opportunity to be a part of OUR TEAM!


When Can You Start Competing?

Gymnasts can start competing at Level 1 as long as they are 5 years old on the day of competition.  


Meets & Levels

  • Level 1-4 competes at AAU meets in November -May.   

  • Levels 5 & up/Xcel will compete at AAU meets October-May.

  • Competitive gymnasts will have the option of competing at Nationals and Junior Olympics in June and July.

  • Athletes must be level tested prior to registering.  Please contact us to schedule.

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EXA along with its Parent led Booster Club(a registered 501c3 Non-Profit Booster Club) strive to empower youth. The EXA Parent Club fundraises to help with associated costs for our Competitive Cheer, Dance and Gymnastic Teams in our Eau Claire and Menomonie locations.