EXA Covid Safety Policies

Reopeing Guidelines Video

Please have your kids watch before coming to class

Schedules & Registration

Important Notes & Policies

Safety Measures

EXA will follow strict social distancing, safety, and sanitation guidelines.

Please make sure you have read our re-opening detailed plan and watched our re-opening video above.o co

*All safety measures subject to change depending on county health department recommendations. 

*EXA travel policy has been removed.

*As of July 13th we have moved into phase 2.5 where limited spotting and stunting is allowed for no more than 15 minutes per group/person.

Mask Mandate

Per Governor Evers’ Executive Order, effective Saturday, August 1st, individuals are required to wear a face covering when indoors or in a confined outdoor space (not in a private residence). If a face mask compromises the safety of an athlete during physical activity or while performing high risk skills, athletes will be permitted to remove their masks while performing such activities in order to maintain athlete safety.  


Included in the order is an exception for those who have a medical condition(s) which prevents them from being able to wear one.  In accordance with HIPPA, we cannot legally ask about your medical condition. In addition, as noted in the Executive Order you are not required to carry documentation of such medical conditions.  Therefore, if you enter our facility without a face covering, it will be assumed you have a medical condition which prevents you from being able to wear a face covering. 

We will continue to practice safety measures as we have been which include promoting social distancing, sanitizing regularly throughout the day, cleaning equipment between use, limiting parent viewing areas, and maintaining our 1 way entrance/exit.


All classes  are on a 1st come, 1st served basis and must be pre-registered and paid for ahead of time. 

Classes may be added/cancelled depending upon demand.  

Membership fees area as follows

New members:  1 Child $40, 2 Children $75, 3 + Children $100

Returning members & summer:  1 Child $25, 2 or more $35 

A 1 time $5 maintenance fee may need to be applied to all members if Covid continues into the fall/winter.  We willnotify you if that happens. 

Make Ups

Due to COVID19 we are required to keep our class sizes small to maintain social distancing measures.  We will continue to allow unlimted make ups however you MUST register for your make up class.  Only classes that are not full will be allowed to be used for make ups. 


Refunds & Withdrawal

Please fill out a drop form at the front desk with a minimum of 2 weeks notice.  Refunds for tuition will not be given unless your class is cancelled due to EXA control.  Should a shut down occur due to Covid, a make up time will be scheduled. 

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EXA along with its Parent led Booster Club(a registered 501c3 Non-Profit Booster Club) strive to empower youth. The EXA Parent Club fundraises to help with associated costs for our Competitive Cheer, Dance and Gymnastic Teams in our Eau Claire and Menomonie locations.