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Have the best summer ever!

Don't skip the gym this summer!  Stay fit, have fun and gym on!

summer Special

Get 2 Classes Each Week All Summer Long!

June 10-Aug 31

Change Classes/Programs Anytime

Just $319/summer for recreational classes

$119/summer for little gymnasts, 1 class/week

Benefits of Summer Registration

1.  Travel Plans?  Don't Sweat It!

Unlimited Classes = Unlimited Make Ups

Don't feel guilty about missing class

2. Try Something New With Minimal Risk!

Try a new class.  Don't like it?  Try a different one!


3. You have entered our loyalty program!  

Keep your current rate as long as you are a registered member

4. Get Priority Access For Fall Registration!

Recreational Summer Special

$319, 2 Classes/Week All Summer Long

Thank You For Your Purchase!

Pre K Summer Special

$119 For The Entire Summer!

Thank You For Your Purchase!

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