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*Classes added/deleted on a year to year basis

Our  recreational programs are designed to make sure that both you and your child have the fun, educational experience they deserve.


Our 1 of a kind, station orientated recreational classes will ensure that your child is keeping busy each class with waiting and standing in line to a minimum.   


Also, your child can advance to the next level as soon as they are ready at EXA. We feel it is important that your child progress at their own pace, not the pace of the others in the group!


Our classes run year round and are paid on a month to month basis so you can start and stop anytime!

Available Recreational Classes

Our recreational classes practice 1 time/week for 45 minutes.  These classes are skill based by level.  Click the level below to see the curriculum for each class. 

LEVEL 1 - Beginner 

LEVEL 2 - Advanced Beginner 
LEVEL 3 - Intermediate 

LEVEL 4 - Advanced Intermediate


This class will practice with our competitive team for 2 hours each week and may compete at 3 AAU meets each season plus the State Championship.  This team focuses on conditioning and skill development.


Love the TV Show American Ninja Warrior?  We will take your son or daughter through Ninja Warrior like obstacle courses with incline mats, resi pits, and balancing props while using a variety of training devices, including climbing rope & trampolines.  Learning to flip, twist & tumble like a ninja will be based on the ability levels of the athletes! More information on Ninja.

Be sure to also check out information on our Competitive Gymnastic Teams! 

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